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About Us

Family support network provides support, education and intervention services to families of children at risk for abuse or neglect, and to families of children diagnosed with an emotional or mental health challenge.


By identifiying and addressing root issues within families, our aim is to interrupt the cycle of generations of child abuse and neglect, hopelessness, poverty and drug abuse.


Created in 1988, Family Support Network annually serves more than 200 families and 500 children in Yellowstone, Big Horn, Musselshell, Carbon, Sweet Grass and Stillwater counties.


Our Mission

Family Support Network recognizes that children are the foundation of the future and that the family, as a basic unit of society, is the natural environment for the growth and development of all its members. Our agency seeks to provide intervention, support and assistance to children diagnosed with a mental illness and their families, as well as families and their children at risk for abuse or neglect. FSN recognizes the importance of parents in the lives of their children and seeks to help them access appropriate support and services and to educate them in appropriate, nurturing parenting techniques.


Our clients come to us through referral by:

  • Child Protective Services for in-home services or when children are in need of protection or reunification

  • Self- referral for in-home services or non-custodial parents in need of a suitable place in which to visit their children

  • Other community professionals

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