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We partner with different breweries and restaurants several times each year to raise awareness of our mission and vision as well as raise funds for specific programs and scholarships we offer at FSN.

This event is our soon to be ANNUAL event.  We bring in big rigs, heavy machinery, helicopters, fire trucks, motorcycles, and so much more to give children and their families the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of sitting in, exploring and even honking these awesome vehicles.  

Do you have a big rig kids would love to explore?

Other Ways to Partner with Us...

Interested in our events or partnering with us?  Please contact our Development Director Abigail by calling (406)314-2253 or emailing

Support our MISSION and VISION while you shop:


While shopping on Amazon, please utilize the address or link above and reference Family Support Network and a portion of your purchase will be donated to FSN. 

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