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Our staff provide the following support:

  • Information about child development to help understand what to expect as your child grows and learns.

  • Tools to help assess your child's development.

  • Strategies to work through normal childhood challenges such as potty training, discipline, chores, bedtime routines, etc.

  • Activities to do with your child to facilitate growth, learning and fun.

  • Provide strategies to help organize your home.

  • Access area resources to support and help with food, rent, and utilities.


Most of all, we provide support and encouragement as you do the important yet hard work of parenting!!!

Find us: 

1002 10th Street West
Suite 1
Billings, MT 59102

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MISSION - Helping Families Raise Healthy Children


VISION - In partnership with others, for every Montana child, a family home free of abuse and neglect.

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